Bad news for lovers of Manuka Honey

Check out this link about bad news for Manuka Honey lovers in 2017.

The production of honey depends a lot on the quantity of nectar secreted in the flower, which is directly affected by weather conditions. And at the end of 2016, beginning of 2017 (a period considered to be a honey harvesting year), the weather has been against honey bees and beekeepers.
There have been wet, cold, and particularly windy conditions in New Zealand this summer, and this is the mother-country of manuka honey.

Unfortunately, the production levels of UMF Manuka Honey is projected to be very low for 2017. The pricing of UMF Manuka Honey has been going up year-on-year, and this news of low level of production is a double whammy for us, as we aim to bring you honey at the cheapest cost and from the newest batch of honey.

Also the price of Non-UMF Manuka has risen by a even larger quantum. This is due to Manuka Honey being subjected to an even stringent testing criteria, resulting in much higher costs.

We have since raised the prices of our honey, and we are sad that we have to resort this. We will still strive to bring your honey at the lowest cost that we can. Do let us know where we can do better.

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